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On Wednesday we went to the beach, it didn't look like a beach, but it was fun! In the morning the juniors went to do dance and football while the infants went in the park.Everybody heart it so much that they were soangry. We when even had to go at two o clock . Now I will go back to the dancing and football... first year 3 and year 4 did dance and year 5 and year 6 did football first. A girl called Liz taught us how to dance.  First we did a song called 'open door get on floor everybody walk the  dinosaur' .       Then we did a dance off, who was the loudest  team, so it was girls vs boys. We also did a show off. Now we switched games, so now I was doing the football. First we did a game where you can't get it wrong! After that we passed the ball to each other and did some moves . Then we did some moves around the ball with a partner, I was with miss Jones and she won everyone of them! Then number ones went to a different person. After we went to have lunch , it was yummy to eat then after we went into the park I went up the ladder and there was a pole. Reece was scared to go down it, so I showed him how it was done. Later I went on the monkey bars, but I fell on the fourth one. Also I went crabbing and I didn't catch anything . Sadly it was the end of the day and we had to go back to school to pick up our bags and go home.


That is the end of my amazing day at the beach and play with my friends maybe I will go again in year 4!


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