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My brother's holy communion

When I got in to church  I saw my brother in his smart uniform walking down the red carpet with a girl from his class called Emily .Father Barry walked out of his room and my brother had a smile on hissmiley face. When father Barry got on the altar  everyone started singing and they were wonderful, after that Harry and Charlotte got up from their seats and went on the altar . Then they started  talking and it was very important about their holy communion .Then Jack and Caitlin got out of their seats and sang Jack sang like an angel. Some year 4 class members got up to do the offertory procession . Then everyone got up to get the bread but Halle , Grace ,Mia and Ethan didn't get the bread because they are not catholic . When it ended we all went to the club to party and all of year 4 went back to their class.


That was all we done. Bye everyone!

My first week back with Miss Jones

When I got to school I ran quickly through the gates to see my friends that I saw on the Juniors play ground.After the noisy, alarming bell rang I was so excited  to see beautiful Miss Jones and  respectful  Mrs McBride . As I walk into class I saw Miss Jones's hair was dark brown but she still looked beautiful .I sat down at my table and we had to do our times to practise  my 4. Then we got given a math sheet  to do for our 4 a day we had hard questions to do but I did it . We did questions which were about addition ,money,grams and division.I felt delighted to be back, because I met my friends and my teachers. Miss told us it was healthy and  active week so we went into the hall we found out we were doing it with Savio! It's already looking like a GREAT week!

My fun day out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On Saturday me, My Mum, my big sister and my little sister went to town. First my little sister got a pencil case and a water bottle then we went to Thorntons to get a ice cream, I got vanilla, because there was not mint choc chip! After that, we went to the lego shop for a look around, we never got anything. But I found some stuff I would like. Then we went to McDonalds,  we went on the 2ND  floor I had a plain cheese burger also a tropacana and chips. After that we went back into my car and went home I had a amazing day.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         See you next time also keep on blogging      P.S I scored 5 goal also I pulled a muscle and next week I will a new kit which is silvercool?


 Yesterday I went to Elite Soccer and there was a coach called Dec, because Brad was not here so we played  a game. I was chosen to be the tagger. Now I will explain how it works, so when you're tagger you cannot let the attackers go through the gates, so you have to tag them and they have to stand still like a scarecrow. Then the other attackers have to go under their arms so can play again and also you lose all of your points. After that we did a passing drill, it was me, Anhtony B  then we went to match our team was with; Ross, Noah and me later on Brad came so Brad was on our team and Dec was on the other team we won 6 5 and I got player of the day!cool                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       see you next time bloggers!



Ferry trip

We went on the bus to Liverpool,first we lined up in our partners, mine was Oliver. We went to the museum because we  could not go onto the Ferry yet, as it was not turn! We went to watch the Beatles story after that we watched a Everton vs Liverpool presentation then we went in our groups mine was Mr Nugent, Luke, Archie, Ethan, Holly, Jolie and Georgia, after we had to find Liver birds symbols once we had had our lunchcool

Then we went for an hour on the ferry and we saw amazing landmarks like; The Liver buildings and St John's beacon also known as Radio city tower and the Wirral. After we took a picture with the Beatles then the class came back to School!

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