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What we learnt about today.

Other the past couple of weeks we've been reading about a story called Hodgeheg .Let  me introduce myself,  hello my name is Victor Maximillon St George  [Max for short]. In my family I have three sisters called Peony, Pansy and Petunia .Ma   describes me as a smart young boy. One day Ma was talking about something and I wanted to know. So I asked "What are you talking about Ma?" she said "Nothing Max!"

Going to the beach

On Monday the people who had good attendance  got a letter to go to the beach. But if it's raining  we wo'nt be able to go. I know that because I went the other year.You can only have three days off school, but if it has been over three days off, you wont be going.The only place you can go, when it rains, is to the cinema  but I don't know what we're going to watch.


When I was at my house I didn't know were we were going on my holiday and she told me it is ... Spain .

I was so excited to go that my head nearly exploded !

The only thing I didn't like that it is ages away.

I was so angry that my heart brokebroken heart

Then I asked" When are we packing our suit cases?"

she said" It's a surprise."

so I waited ages and ages


That is it bye!

On Sunday!

When I woke up I looked under my pillow and saw two pound just for one tooth!Then we went down stairs to have my breakfast, it was delicious. After I had my food My mum told me to get ready for church, but when I opened the door my cat went up stairs onto mum's bed! Later I finally  got to  church and I headed off too with my mum. When we got to church we had to go in the children's church. I knew all the answers, because I go all the time. Finally church ended and we had to pick up the paper for my nanny, we were only there for a little while. After that we went over the water to play bowling. When we  got there my dad was already there. We had to have lunch, I had pizza and we had two types of pizzas, one was cheese and one was pepperoni. We were finally playing it! We had four games, but my mum and dad only got to have three! 


That is it for now bye.

Going swimming

When  I got back into class from lunch miss Jones picked partners and I went  with  Faye . After everybody was in partners we started our  journey  to the swimming  bath . We had to take a bus to the baths, but it wasn't so bad it was relaxing ! When we got there we had to walk all the way to the front bit .  I felt tired but I wanted to swim.  When I got inside we had to go into a changing room but the boys got their own little  room on their own with none else in that room . Then we were all changed into our swimming outfits and we went under the shower . I didn't go in the showers, because it was super cold. When we saw the swimming pool it didn't look like fun day but when we sat down the man told us it was fun day! Then the man got everything out and we got into the pool, I stayed by my friend Faye and we played together and  we even got a float!


Thank you for  hearing this. Bye!

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